Why Employees Leave: It’s Not Them, It’s You

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6 Tips for Building a Better Retention Strategy

Employee turnover can wreak havoc on your company’s productivity and profits. Learn why employees leave & what you can start doing to make them stay for the long-haul.

When employees part ways with a company, it’s tempting to shrug it off as their personal decision or a better opportunity elsewhere. But what if the real reason lies closer to home?

Reflect on your past job changes. What influenced your decision? Was it just the work, the commute, or something deeper?

A significant driver behind employee departures is often the work environment and how they’re treated by management. A staggering 66% of employees admit they’d consider quitting if they felt unappreciated or disrespected.

The icing on the cake? 57% of people have quit because of their boss.

So yes, it’s true—it might indeed be you!

A Closer Look at Why Employees Leave

Employees today are more willing to leave jobs where they feel undervalued or unsupported.

Paired with unemployment at historic lows and high inflation rates across the nation, your employees are likely wondering if another position with a different employer might be better for them.

Just consider these statistics:

These stats suggest that the underlying issues often stem from how employees perceive their treatment by management and the overall culture of their workplace.

Southern California’s Workplace Scene

In Southern California, despite lower unemployment rates and comparative stability in employee turnover, the challenges of burnout and management dissatisfaction loom large. More than half of the workforce in this region reports at least moderate levels of burnout, largely due to poor management and overwhelming workloads.

This scenario underscores the crucial role of effective management in retaining staff. Employers benefit from recognizing the costs associated with turnover, which can be as much as twice an employee’s annual salary, particularly for higher-level positions.

Investing in a positive work culture and effective management training can reduce these turnover rates significantly.

How Helpmates Can Support Your Team

Understanding the high costs of turnover, especially in a competitive hiring market, strategic partnerships with staffing firms can provide immediate relief by quickly filling vacancies with skilled workers. This ensures that productivity remains uninterrupted while you search for or develop a permanent replacement.

Want to ensure your management practices are up to par and your employees feel valued? Contact the nearest Helpmates branch to discover how we can help you strengthen your team and reduce turnover.

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