Our work is driven by purpose and fueled by the ambition to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Helpmates Team

Half A Century Of Humanizing Staffing

Historically, the 70s is often referred to as a pivot of change. Founded in 1972, Helpmates started off as a local “family business” catering to a small light industrial business, with a focus on changing the world of staffing and recruitment. Over the decades, we’ve made many changes that formed who we are today — and will continue to shape us into who we are tomorrow. But one thing will never change: our rooted purpose to be a positive impact on the lives and businesses we serve.

Half A Century Of Humanizing Staffing

Innovation and Can-Do Assurance

Today, Helpmates provides the staffing and recruitment stability, know-how, and all-encompassing need to help businesses and candidates thrive, that only a company spanning more than fifty years of service can. Now armed with the innovative technologies of the TalentLaunch network, Helpmates uses automation tools to streamline the recruitment process, get candidates to work faster, and communicate in real-time. Giving us an edge over your typical recruiting company.

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A Place Where Everyone Can Thrive

Diversity Today

Diversity is not a trend, it’s simply a way of life. People come from all walks of life, and it’s their different backgrounds and perspectives that make workplaces even better. How boring would it be if we were all the same?

Equal Opportunity

Helpmates is an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We’ll meet you where you’re at and give you the best opportunities. We want our clients to thrive too, which is why we seek out and support organizations that share these values.

Helpmates is committed to building an inclusive work environment. To us, this means you feel:


being yourself in a work environment


to thrive on a professional and personal level


for who you are in the workplace


and not overlooked


to build authentic relationships

We believe every company bears the responsibility to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in (and out of) the workplace. We also know there are many ways to achieve this and that there is much more work to be done. We look forward to building a better workplace, together → Discover careers at Helpmates.

Powered by TalentLaunch. 

Helpmates is proud to be a member company of the TalentLaunch Network. TalentLaunch offers a transformative edge to the staffing industry, directly benefiting our clients and candidates by ensuring a more efficient, seamless, and quality-driven recruitment process. Through TalentLaunch’s comprehensive technology tools, strategic planning services, back office support, and best-in-class training, we deliver superior staffing outcomes. Our clients enjoy access to a broader, higher quality pool of candidates, faster placement times, and tailored staffing solutions that meet their specific needs. Overall, our partnership with TalentLaunch upgrades our hiring process and consultative workforce management services, leading to better productivity, retention, and satisfaction for our customers.

The values we live by. 

Our culture and values are the foundation for our success. We believe that if you leverage the environmental “pillars” in the right manner, it will root each of us in the way we conduct business (our “values”) – supporting the vision and decision making process within our organization. This guides our approach to each and every engagement we make; helping us focus more on what matters – the customer.

Accountability: Establish transparency through openness.
Vulnerability: Build connections through authenticity.
Gratitude: Appreciate life’s experiences– both the good and the bad.
Competition: Have a passion for winning.
Active Learning: Always be in the pursuit to grow personally and professionally
Engaged: Be immersed in the hustle – work can be fun, fulfilling, and exciting.
Make it Happen: Determination drives results.
Entrepreneurship: Take responsibility for your outcomes.
Teamwork: Make each other better because iron sharpens iron. 
Relationships: Be a giver, not a taker.
Integrity: Choose courage over comfort.
Communication: Paint pictures to establish alignment.
Sense of Urgency: Achieve great outcomes, quickly.

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