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Whatever you need, Helpmates has the manufacturing & production staffing expertise to help your business thrive.

Meeting Your Manufacturing & Production Staffing Needs

Precision, production, productivity, reliability, and safety are everything. Being short on staff, consistent turnover, and disregard for health and safety can significantly disrupt your company’s ability to deliver products on time. Tap into Helpmates proven performance in providing solutions to manufacturing and production teams and in identifying dependable talent that you can count on. Measuring performance, increasing retention, and working in the unity of health and safety is what Helpmates does to drive cost savings for companies.

Manufacturing & Production Staffing Agency

Why Use Our Manufacturing & Production Staffing Services?

Extension of Your Team

We take a thorough approach to gathering information about your business by learning your culture, operations and the processes that drive your success. Then we’ll cater our services to function as an extension of your business. With customized solutions, collaboration and deep insights, we’ll become an integral part of your hiring process.

Certified Staffing Professionals

With our CSP certifications, we manage our clients’ staffing programs with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. In partnership with our customers, we’ll work together towards limiting workplace issues through proactive human resources best practices.

Safety Standard of Excellence

A designation that signifies industry-wide best practices when it comes to the safety and health of temporary employees. Helpmates is the first in the country to earn this mark from the American Staffing Association (ASA) and National Safety Council.

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Manufacturing & Production Positions We Fill


Machine Operator


Production Worker




Mechanical Assembler


Electronic Assembler


Quality Control


Manufacturing Mechanic


Manufacturing Associate





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Manufacturing & Production Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing

As your business needs change, keep staffing levels optional. For work peaks, either short or long term, this can reduce the overall cost to usage on the time you need. 


This arrangement allows you to assess an employee and evaluate if their skills and work ethic fit into your organization for a predetermined length of time. At its completion, choose to hire that employee direct or go in another direction, the choice is yours.

Direct-Hire Placement

Finding the right direct hire employee is essential to the success of your business. Helpmates is committed to locating a custom match for your direct hire needs through our sourcing and screening best practices.

Managed Services

We will manage all aspects of a company’s staffing function, customizing a program for sourcing, hiring, and managing temporary employees. Helping you to increase productivity and freeing you from the time and cost burdens of hiring.

On-Premise Staffing

With our On-Premise Program, Helpmates can manage every part of the staffing and hiring process. From interviewing to controlling staffing levels, our on-site representatives will handle all issues involved with managing a large contingent workforce. Our representatives will work with you to develop a highly customized program that fits your staffing needs.

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Let’s Go!

We’ve found that working with companies who regard people as their most important asset are the most successful. Helpmates chooses quality people at every level — from the clients we work with to the employees we place on assignment in manufacturing & production roles.  Whatever your need, our team is always with you.