Think your dream job is out of your league? Maybe not!

In your search for a job, have you ever read a job posting and thought, “This is my dream job!”, but then you didn’t apply?  There is an interesting phenomenon that might explain why.

Some 70% of Americans struggle with what is known as “Impostor Syndrome” at some point in life.  Impostor Syndrome is the term ascribed to individuals who are absolutely competent, perhaps even more than competent, and yet are unable to recognize their accomplishments and strengths.  They sometimes experience feelings of doubt or lack of confidence that prevent them from chasing after a dream job or pursuing that promotion. Don’t let doubts stand in your way!  There are a few simple steps you can take to objectively measure whether you are ready for that dream job.  And if you’re not quite there yet, identifying the steps you need to take can start you on your path to success.

Measuring Your Qualifications

When you finally find your dream job you have to sit back and ask yourself a couple questions:

  • What experience is the employer looking for?
  • What skills do I need to gain to be considered?

Despite any hesitancy to apply for your dream job, objectively measuring your qualifications against the job listing will give you valuable perspective. Check to see if you meet the qualifications to complete a majority of the responsibilities listed in the job description. Even ask yourself what you can bring to the job that may not have been listed. If you are able to bring valuable experience and a majority of the necessary skills to the job, apply!

But do not fool yourself; if you are unable to perform listed responsibilities, the timing is probably not right. However, don’t get discouraged!  Although you may not have the experience now, take note of the skills that you will need to gain to land your dream job. Then, create a strategy to be able to gain the skill set that is required.

Close the Gap

Once you have identified what seems to be holding you back, you can seek out help.  Search for a career coach, or a mentor who can work with you and help you realize all your strengths.  Let a professional mentor help you develop a strategy to gain the skills and experience needed.  Temporary assignments are a great way to build your skills and experience as part of a career growth strategy.  An experienced recruiter can help you with your strategy and identify temporary assignments in industries, positions, or even the exact company to get you into your dream job.

Track your progress and your success.  It is important that you track all the positives such as new skills you have learned, great ideas you have, fears you have overcome.  List anything and everything that represents forward progress and positive accomplishments, no matter how small you may think they are.  Once you have reached your skill set and experience goals, be prepared to highlight them in conversations with recruiters and in job interviews.  Your dream job could be closer than you think!

Helpmates is proud to have played a part in the successful career growth strategies of many individuals.  Having earned the prestigious “Best in Staffing” award for both our service to our clients and to our job seekers and employees, we have the experience and dedication you can count on to help you climb the ladder.  Call us today!  

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