How Focusing on What You Want to Happen Can Make it Happen

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Many people believe that what you think is what you are:

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  • If you believe you’re talented, you are.
  • If you believe you can’t learn hard things, you won’t.
  • If you think you’re attractive, you are.
  • If you conclude that you’ll never land a great job, you won’t.
  • If you believe you deserve a raise…you’ll probably get it.

Some people call thinking such as “The Law of Attraction.” That is, what you truly believe is yours WILL come to you.

Think about being rich: you’ll become rich. Think you’ll marry a princess: you’ll marry a princess. Think about becoming slim, you’ll become slim.

There’s a lot more to it, of course:

  • You must earn money, save/invest it wisely and in a few years, wealth probably will happen.
  • You must hang out where royalty does so that you can meet an actual princess. You’re probably going to need a similar level of education and common interests in order to catch her attention.
  • You’ll need to exercise and eat well in order to change your physique.

Nothing comes from merely thinking about it: action on your part is required.

But it is true that thoughts are extremely powerful. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” is how Henry Ford put it.

Changing how you think about things really can help you reach a goal. For example, if you say “There aren’t any jobs out there,” how well do you think you’ll do in your job search? Or, if you were to say “There are many jobs that need my skills and background; I just need to find them,” do you think your search would be more successful (and even quicker)?

This is NOT to say that you don’t have real challenges:

If this has happened, you may feel powerless and victimized.

We urge you to shake that feeling off. Such feelings/thoughts do nothing to help you. It will take work but making a real effort to think positively about your situation can only help:

  • “My knowledge and skills learned over my 30-year career is really valuable to an employer.”
  • “My job loss means I can really focus for hours a day on my search.”
  • “There are so many remote-work jobs now; I won’t need a car to find a job.”

As you think positive thoughts, act positively. Reach out to employers and mention your extensive experience. Work six hours a day on your job search. Start walking as much as you can on errands and enjoy getting outdoors.

Exercise, eat well, revamp your resume, network with former colleagues and on LinkedIn.

Act in positive/helpful ways as you think positively and you will find work you enjoy.

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