Social Media Job Search Tips for Recent Graduates

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. From connecting with family to even applying for jobs, chances are you read or post to at least one social media site every day. But particularly for recent college graduates, your social media presence can have a profound impact on your ability to land a job. The following list of dos and don’ts can help you identify habits to avoid, and those to embrace as part of your job search:ID-10070641


Keep your pictures professional. Recruiters will be searching for you on the Internet, including social media. Actually, a simple Google search will likely bring up your social media profiles first. That’s because search engines “crawl” social media posts like they do individual webpages. The more you post to social media, the higher your social profiles will rank for your name. So when your social media profiles come up, be sure that your image is professional. You don’t necessarily need a professional headshot (although that’s a great idea too!), but you should look professional in each picture. Better yet, use the same picture across the board – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (or others) to ensure that you are portraying the right image across all your social channels.

Stay consistent. If you include past positions or coursework on your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, ensure that the list remains consistent across all channels. If your social media profiles convey different messages, it could signal a red flag for recruiters and result in someone else getting the job. If you have an excessive amount of personal information on certain social media profiles, take a look at your privacy settings to ensure what’s intended to be private remains private, then ensure all public information about your education and professional history are consistent.


Use profanity. This may seem like a no-brainer, but internal filters can often be forgotten when sharing information with our friends and family on social media. The problem is that, as mentioned in the first bullet, search engines crawl social media posts, so if you use profanity in a Facebook post, for example, that post could be one of the top Google results for your name! You certainly don’t want recruiters to associate vulgarity with your name, so the best way to avoid this type of result is to avoid saying offensive things on the Internet.

Connect without a connection. It can be tempting to “friend” or send a LinkedIn request to leaders at businesses you’re interested in, but that strategy can backfire. Facebook is a tool for friends and family – mixing friends and family with networking and your job search could be a recipe for disaster. When it comes to LinkedIn, be sure to establish real connections before sending requests to connect on the social site. Once you’ve met with a recruiter or decision-maker, it’s perfectly acceptable to send a LinkedIn request, but doing so before meeting or making an in-person connection could discredit you and result in you losing out on potential opportunities.

Your social presence can be a boost to your grades and experience when applying for jobs, but you’ll need to follow these tips to ensure you’re putting your best “social” foot forward.  Need help landing a job after graduation? Helpmates works with top employers across Southern California to match them with talented professionals like you. Visit our job board to view our current openings or contact your nearest Helpmates office to take the first step in your career.

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