Keep Workplace Productivity Humming this Summer

6 Tips for Building a Better Retention Strategy

Employee turnover can wreak havoc on your company’s productivity and profits. Learn why employees leave & what you can start doing to make them stay for the long-haul.

Summer vacations offer a great respite for your team (and for you!), but they can also disrupt your company workflow and be a drain on productivity. Summer can mean lengthy vacations and reduced productivity…but it doesn’t have to.

Your team can continue achieving its goals during the summer.HM_SummerProductivity

Here’s how you can keep your team motivated and focused during the summer months:

  • Keep business dress codes. Summer months bring nice weather, and it can be tempting to relax the dress code to accommodate that nice weather. But, looking the “part” during the summer months can help keep your team focused. If employees are wearing outfits they might bring to the beach, then they might not be thinking about work…they’ll be thinking about the beach!
  • Expand the workplace. Your office has wifi, and chances are most of your employees have tablets or laptop computers. When everyone is itching to get outside and enjoy the weather, you can keep them focused on work and let them enjoy the weather by allowing team members to work outside. Today’s office is mobile, so why not expand the workplace for a few months to take advantage?
  • Encourage lunch walks. Research shows that a midday walk can help improve focus and productivity, and the summer months offer a perfect opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air. If you spot employees eating lunch at their desks, encourage them to get outside and take a break. It’ll pay off in the long run.
  • Consider creating “summer” hours. Sixty-six percent of companies with summer schedules say they boost productivity. If it works within your industry, consider changing your work week to four, 10-hour days so that you have more focused, productive employees who can enjoy longer summer weekends. Earlier start times can also boost productivity – if you can let your employees start and leave earlier, they’ll be able to enjoy more gorgeous summer evenings. You’ll also score some goodwill points with your team! Research also shows that employees with summer hours take fewer vacation days, adding to productivity. Plus, employees who know they’re leaving in a few hours are more likely to be especially productive to get things done. It’s a win/win for your employees and your organization.
  • Reset expectations. Perhaps the best way to keep everyone focused is to be realistic about expectations for the summer months. While efficiency and results are obviously imperative to drive business, understanding that your clients and customers are also taking summer vacations means that your priorities and expectations should be re-examined for the summer months.

Implementing even some of these suggestions can make a big impact on your workplace productivity this summer, but sometimes you simply need extra manpower to help your business achieve its goals. Helpmates has the talented temporary workers you need to augment your permanent staff and help you reach your business goals this summer. Contact us to learn more.

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