4 FREE Career Resources to Kick Off the New Year

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Did you reach all your career goals in 2016? Here on the Helpmates blog, we are proud to have provided many career tips and resources to help you advance your career. We hope you found them valuable!

Orange County Jobs

These career resources can help you get to the next level.

But as you set your sites and reaching even greater heights in 2017, there are a range of unexplored tools and resources to help you gain a career boost. And while there are many paid services and tools that can help, there are a tremendous number of high-quality resources that are available for FREE. Here are four (4) of our favorites:

  1. LinkedIn Educational Webinars. LinkedIn is the most valuable social network for professionals and anyone looking for career opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile offers recruiters and employers insights into who you are as a professional, and the value you can add to their company. But maximizing your LinkedIn profiles and staying active on the site are critical to putting your best foot forward. LinkedIn’s educational webinars offer you insights into the essentials of a strong profile, and how to get the most value out of the tool.
  2. When it comes to online education, Udemy is at the forefront. With valuable courses in areas such as productivity, leadership, personal brand building, creativity, and career development, along with a range of technical and specific career-oriented courses, you will absolutely find a wealth of information to help you reach your career goals in the new year. While some courses are paid and require an investment, many are free and easy to find on the site (just do a search and select “free” to show those courses that don’t require purchase.
  3. After making a big splash in the early 2000s then disappearing for a while, podcasts have made a major comeback. Experts across a range of industries and disciplines are creating thousands of hours of content to help you reach your career goals. The “business” and “education” categories are a great place to start for career resources. Whether you’re searching for high-level career and job search advice or targeted, industry- or skill-specific insights, there’s something for you. And the best part is, all podcasts available through iTunes (or on your iPhone) are free and can be listened to during your morning commute, on a run or on the go!
  4. Your Helpmates Talent Relationship Specialist. We couldn’t resist talking about career resources without talking about our own services! Here at Helpmates, we work with you to identify your career goals, review your skills and experience, build your resume and cover letter and ultimately impress employers to help advance your career and meet those goals. Our Talent Relationship Specialists are experienced, passionate professionals who understand the marketplace in Southern California, and know what it takes to thrive in a variety of roles with some of the regions most exciting employers.

Ready to get ahead in 2017? Search our available jobs or contact your nearest Helpmates office to take the next step.

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